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Emblem or Patch Quote Form

The form below asks for many pieces of information about your project. The more information and details that you can provide, the more accurate our quote will be.

Please keep in mind: Our minimum order for any emblem or patch is 50 pieces. If you are looking for fewer than 50 emblems or patches, you will not be able to use this form. We do occasionally make exceptions for very small production orders. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a specialty production run, please call us at 1-800-533-4183.

Customer Information

Tell Us About Your Embroidered Emblem

  • (Minimum order is 50 pieces)

    If your emblem is not 100% embroidered, what color twill background is required.

  • Your first 10 colors are always free at The Moritz Embroidery Works. Additional colors can be used, but carry additional costs.

  • Acceptable Formats: .jpg, .gif,.psd, .eps, .png, .doc, .pdf

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Note: A copy of your completed quote request will also be sent to the email address that you provided above. If you do not receive a copy in your inbox it may mean that your request was not properly submitted or received; please try again or contact us directly at with your request.