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Fire Department Emblems, Pins & Banners

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Let us design a new fire department emblem, flag or marching banner for you or exactly match or improve your existing shoulder emblem. With over 2,550 embroidery thread shades available we can design a very special new fire department shoulder emblem that your community will be proud of.

We offer 70% to 80% embroidered emblems on our tough, long lasting polyester twill background fabrics or the favored 100% fully embroidered emblem using up to 9 brilliant thread colors. All of our shoulder emblems are available in any size and shape and include a clear PVC backing to prevent shrinkage during washing and insure long lasting use. Simply e-mail us the design and quantity you have in mind and let our art department send you a beautiful color sketch and price quotation for your department’s approval.

We also offer to match your embroidered shoulder emblems with a custom-made department decal or lapel pin from the same artwork.

For the most competitive pricing, fastest delivery and friendliest customer service, call Moritz for your next department shoulder patch order! Call 800-533-4183 or contact us online.




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