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Masonic Uniform Items

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Moritz Embroidery is one of the few long time Mason & Knights Templar Lodge regalia suppliers in the U.S. We have been manufacturing the most beautiful hand bullion embroidered uniform shoulder boards, Lamb Skin Aprons, Caps with custom embroidered Cap Bands, Embroidered Banners and regalia related items for over 50 years.

All of our uniform regalia items are hand embroidered with the finest gold & silver bullion wire and our extensive assortment of silk thread colors. Masonic shoulder boards with black Velcro hook backs and hand embroidered Masonic Uniform Crests are sold in pairs at the most reasonable prices in the industry. All of our silk masonic hand embroidered banners are custom made to your artwork or you may choose one of our stock Masonic designs and have it modified with your lodge number & name. We also offer Hand Embroidered Lamb Skin Bags of all types and sizes.

In 2009 Mr. Carl J. Moritz Jr., of the Moritz Embroidery Works Inc. was awarded his 65 Year pin by his local Masonic Lodge in Mt. Pocono, PA.

Just call 1-800-533-4183 and ask for a sales representative or contact us online.


Get quality custom items for your Masonic lodge!

  • Regalia Emblems
  • Gold Bullion Hand-Embroidery
  • Uniform Shoulder Boards
  • Dress Cap
  • Uniform Ribbons
  • Sheep Skin Aprons
  • Braded Silk Waist Ropes
  • Ceremonial Gloves
  • Chapeau Cap Rosetta's
  • Silk or Velveteen Banners
  • Bags & Accessories
  • ...and more!

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Freemason's Masonic Black Dress Cap with Hand Embroidered Gold Bullion Cap Band


Minimum order: 12 caps @ $68.00 each
All custom sizes are available

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One of a Kind Hand-Embroidered Soft Velveteen or Real Silk Fabric Freemason Banners are our Specialty!

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All custom Freemasons banners aremade 4.0' by 6.0' or larger using real silk and bullion threads.
Matching silk ropes with tassels are available for all our custom-made banners.



Hand-Embroidered Shoulder Boards with Black Velcro Hook Backs

Made on a Velveteen Fabric Background with Gold and Silver Bullion Embroidery Thread.
Finished Size: 4.0” x 2.0”
Minimum Order: Mix-and-Match 10 Pairs @ $25.00 per pair




Custom Made & "Hand Embroidered" Masoinic Uniform Ribbons


Minimum Order: 6 Ribbons



Custom Made & "Hand Embroidered" Masonic Sheep Skin Aprons


Custom-made hand embroidered Masonic Sheep SkinLeather Aprons in all styles.
Minimum Order: 4 Map Bag Aprons @ $78.00 each



10.0' Foot White Braded Silk Waist Ropes @ $18 each




Genuine Leather Freemasons Ceremonial Gloves


Available in tan and white (sizes: S, M, L and XL)
Made of genuine white sheep skin leather
$28.00 per pair of embroidered gloves



Chapeau Cap Rosettas


Made 5.0" high in "Hand Embroidered" Gold or Silver Bullion
with Pleated Black Silk Backgrounds and velcro Hook Backs.
Minimum Order: 12 pcs @ $18.00 each



Uniform Regalia Emblems


Masonic Uniform regalia emblems sold in pairs.
Minimum order: 10 assorted pairs @ $5.00 per pair



Custom Made / Coat of Arms, Hand Embroidered Banner made on "Silk or Velveteen Fabrics


Matching Woven Silk Ropes, Tassals& Banner Poles are available with your order.
All Custom Sizes and Shapes are available. Call for pricing.