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Payment Terms

Previously Established “Open Account“ Customers

If you are already an established customer of The Moritz Embroidery Works and have a Moritz Embroidery account number, you will be invoiced by E-mail or Fax within 24 to 48 hours after you receive your order. Payment is expected within 30 days or a 1.25% service charge will be added to your next statement or invoice. Statements will be sent out only upon request or if your account is past due. Shipment tracking numbers are always available through your sales representative.

New Customer Accounts

New customer accounts for established businesses are welcome to request a Moritz Embroidery Credit Application for net 30 credit terms. We require three (3) weeks for processing credit applications and you will be notified as soon as the results become available to us.

If your Moritz Embroidery credit application is accepted your sales representative will call or e-mail you with a Moritz Embroidery Account Number. Please use this account number on all your future orders.

Credit Card Customers

Moritz Embroidery prefers to accept VISA, MasterCard & Discover Cards only. If you place an order over the phone or by e-mail using a credit card we will put a 50% deposit on your card at the acceptance and processing of your order into our production. The balance plus UPS or FedEx Shipping and Handling Charges will be put on your card the day your order is shipped out. A detailed Moritz Embroidery Invoice showing all your charges will be faxed or e-mailed to you with 24 to 48 hours after you receive your order. Shipment Tracking Numbers are always available through your sales representative.

Pennsylvania State Sales Tax

All PA customers will be charged PA State Sales Tax at the rate of 7% if we do not have your PA Sales Tax Exemption Form on file in our offices. Please fax your PA Sales Tax Exemption Form to: 1-570-839-9430. All "out of state" customers will not be charged State Sales Tax.