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Call us at 1-800-533-4183

Embroidery & Emblem Color Options

We can send you physical thread and farbic color cards, just call us (toll free) at 800-533-4183 to request a sample. 


Polyester / Rayon Thread Color Cards



100% Polyester Emblem Twill & Felt Fabric Color Card Colors


2008 Consumer Products Safety Act, Re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents

The Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc. has had all of its embroidered emblem manufacturing materials tested by an approved independent testing laboratory, including all of our threads, fabrics, PVC backings and heat-seal backing and has PASSED all the tests for the above harmful chemicals. All test results are on file at the offices of The Moritz Embroidery Works Inc. in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.