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Peel-and-Stick Embroidered Appliqués

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Let us design a new laser-cut peel-and-stick appliqué emblem for your company trade show or advertising purposes. Or we can perfectly match or even improve upon your existing appliqué design. With over 2,550 embroidery thread shades available we can design a very special, 100% fully embroidered applique your company will be proud of.

We offer 70% to 80% embroidered emblems on our tough, long lasting polyester twill background fabrics or the superior quality of a 100% fully embroidered patch using up to 9 brilliant thread colors at the same pricing structures. Each additional color is just 0.10.

All of our embroidered appliqués are available in any size and shape and include a 3mill layer of clear heat seal iron on or peel & stick backs. We can ship your embroidered appliqué emblems either individually packaged or on rolls of 100 pieces for easy application purposes. Simply send us your design and the quantity you have in mind and our art department will send you a full color sketch and price quotation for your approval.

Our custom made Applique's and die cut letters can be made on tackle twill or felt backgrounds with die cut felt or embroidered borders. All sizes, colors and letter styles are available. We offer double felt applications for school sportswear. PVC Backing for sew on applications and Heat Seal Iron on for applying quickly and permanently to your garments are available. Minimum order just 50 pcs. For the most competitive pricing, fastest delivery and friendliest customer service, call 800-533-4183 or contact us online.

  • Heat seal iron appliqués are great for use on caps and garments of all types.
  • Give your items a direct embroidery look without the cost.
  • Peel & stick appliqués are perfect for sticking your company logo onto a trade show ID badge.
  • These very small embroidered appliqué emblems stick to most any fabric or surface.
  • Minimum Order 200 pcs.
  • Average Pricing 2,500 pcs and up 0.22 to $0.28 each with Peal & Stick Backs.