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Award Medals

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In manufacturing a die struck or die stamped imitation cloisonné style award medal, a sheet of soft copper is placed under a revolving press and struck with very high pressure that leaves an impression of your design deeply imbedded into the copper plate. The award medal is then plated in a finish of your choice. If the medal calls for colored areas to be filled in your design then all of the individual areas of the design are filled in with different colored resins and then baked in a high temperature kiln one color at a time. This is why cloisonné and imitation cloisonné styles are a little more expensive then enamel colored medals.

We offer our custom made award medals in double sided or finished with a high polished plated back. Die struck soft enamel coins are moderately priced and are most popular choice with our customers. Solid Brass, Bronze, Silver, gold or Pewter award medals are also available in this style.

This style is our second most commonly ordered medal style.

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