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Car Gill Plates

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All of our beautifully made custom car grill plates are die-stamped form zinc alloy, brass, steel, or aluminum and then painted with UV protected enamel paint. Then they are plated in your choice of gold, silver or bronze plating and highly polished to a bright finish. We also provide your choice of mounting fixtures for the back of our metal grill plates.

When manufacturing a die struck or die stamped soft enamel style Car Grill Plate, a sheet of brass or zinc alloy is placed under a revolving press and struck at very high pressure leaving an impression of your design deeply embedded into the brass plate. The Grill Plate is then gold or silver plated and all the individual areas of the design are filled in with different colors of high gloss, enamel paint. Grill plates are then baked in the oven for a prescribed amount of time. All colors are baked at the same time saving time and money for our customers. For added color brightness and durability a clear epoxy finish can be added to the top surface of your Grill Plate and then baked in the oven again. Normally there is a small added cost for the clear epoxy top coat finishing process but it is worth the added cost as it protects the face colors of your Car Grill Plate indefinitely. Die struck soft enamel style Grill Plates are medium priced and also one of our most popular styles. We can also install most any style custom mounting fixtures on the reverse side of your Custom Grill or Trunk Lid Plates including stainless steal screws and nuts.

All of our Grill Plates can be made with a Peel & Stick pressure-sensitive backs or fitted double screw, washer and nut backs. For even extra cost savings talk to your Moritz Sales Representative about our Iron Soft Enamel Car Grill Plates. Minimum Order start at just 25 pieces.