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Lanyards & ID Badge Holders

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Custom made woven embroidered or printed lanyards are available in almost any color, size, length and the style. We can print or weave your corporate, department or event names and logos directly onto the front side of your lanyard and then attach your choice of metal holding devices on the hanging end.

We offer a large array of metal and plastic holding devices including the most popular alligator clip, 1.0” & ¾” rings, j hooks and quick disconnect rings. Minimum order for printed lanyards start at 250 pieces; woven embroidered lanyards start at 2,000 pieces. Typical delivery time is 3 weeks.

Perfect for school employees and student ID usage. Great for security badges and key applications. Ideal for employee identification and company stores.

Available Colors:
  • 3/8” width Lanyards Colors: Red, Royal, Black, White, Navy, Maroon, Dark Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, and Kelly
  • 5/8” width Lanyards Colors: Red, Royal, Black, White, Navy, Maroon, Dark Green, Purple, and Yellow
  • Standard Length: 17.5" on each side (+/- 5%)
  • Optional Length: 15" on each side (+/- 5%)
  • Note: Detachable key strap adds 5" to overall length




Lanyard Attachments



Whistle Cords

We also offer braded whistle cords in a variety of styles can colors. Whistle cords can come with brass tips and j-hook attachments for athletic use or dress uniforms.

Gold Whistle Cord with Brass Tips & J-Hook
  • 50 pcs @ $26.50
  • 100 pcs @ $17.50 each
  • 200 pcs @ $15.25 each
          Standard Solid Color Whistle Cord with J-Hook
  • 50 pcs @ $4.85 each
  • 100 pcs @ $4.25 each
  • 200 pcs @ $3.40 each



Photo ID Badge Holders 
with Velcro Hook Backs

Clear Vinyl Front & Embroidered Edge
with Velcro Locking System.

Just slip in your photo ID badge and secure the velcro closer. 

Velcro loop is provided to be sewn onto garment left chest for secure Photo ID Badge Velcro Hook & Loop system.

Perfect for security guard uniform or hospital scrubs or coats. 


 Velcro “Loop” sew on kit comes with each package. 

Always keep your Photo ID Badge Clean, Safe & Secure
No more lanyards and dangling dirty Photo ID Badges anymore!

Minimum order 100 pcs.@ just $1.50 each
Wholesale pricing is available for larger orders.

All colors and badge sizes are available to match your scrubs or uniforms.


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