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Photo-Printed Patches

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If extraordinary detail and color blending is what you're looking for then photo printed emblems are what you're looking for. All of our photo printed emblems are made on a soft white polyester fabric background that absorbs all the bright printed logo colors and details.

Color blending and very fine small details are always a big problem with some embroidered emblem designs but not with our photo printed emblems. The competitive price list below includes an unlimited number of photo printed colors and a merrowed roll stitched outer edge border on all concentric shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. All non-concentric shape photo emblems will be die cut to your exact shape and come with a printed outer edge border in any color of your choice. Especially in larger quantity’s our photo printed emblems can save you money over embroidered emblems while still providing you with a quality product.

For the most competitive pricing, fastest delivery and friendliest customer service, call the Moritz Embroidery Works at 800-533-4183 or contact us online.




Fully Embroidered vs. Photo-Printed


When it comes to color blending especially on smaller emblem designs you just can’t beat the Sublimated Photo-Printed Emblem Style. But if you looking for true "design definition" and texture (sometimes called “the raised effect”) then the 100% Fully Embroidered emblem is the best choice.

Color blending with embroidery is an art whereas color blending in photo printed emblems is a snap. Small emblem details and text clarity are also much clearer in a photo printed emblem.