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Lapel & Cap Pins

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In-Stock American Flag Lapel Pins

The Moritz Embroidery Works is proud to produce and stock a variety of patriotic US American flag lapel pins in a variety of styles and designs. Prices start as low as $0.98. All standard pins are in-stock and ready for overnight delivery. You can order our standard in-stock flag pins online or call us at 800-533-4183 to discuss custom order or pin options.

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Cloisonné Lapel & Cap Pins - Our "Best Quality Jewelry Class" Pin

Cloisonné is our very best jewelry class style pin and can be stamped out of many different types of metal. After the dies are made and the die stamping is completed, the pin is gold or silver plated and then individually polished to a high luster finish. Next, a naturally colored glass mineral powder is used in each recessed areas of the die stamped pin. Then each color is baked individually in a high temperature oven at over 1000°C for a prescribed amount of time. This means that if you have 5 colors in your pin or coin, that each glass powder color will bake in a high temperature oven 5 individual times. The pin is then highly polished again on all surfaces so no top clear epoxy coat is ever necessary. A cloisonné style pin will hold its luster and beauty for a lifetime. The main advantage to a Cloisonné Style pin is the powder colors can be highly polished and will never fade or change in 100 years. Cloisonné is our most beautiful but also our most expensive pin. This style uses our most expensive materials and takes the longest time to manufacturer. Due to the cost of manufacturing the Cloisonné style, it is mostly recommended for 'Jewelry Class' pins.
Minimum Order 100 Pins priced as low as 2.38 each + 1 time mold charge.



Die Struck & Enamel Painted Pins - "Our most popular Pin Style"

Our most popular pin style! When manufacturing a die struck or die stamped soft enamel style pin, a sheet of brass is placed under a revolving press and struck at very high pressure leaving an impression of your design deeply imbedded into the brass plate. The pin is then gold or silver plated and all the individual areas of the design are filled in with different colors of high gloss, enamel paint. Pins are then baked in the oven for a prescribed amount of time. All colors are baked at the same time saving time and money for our customers. For added color brightness and durability a clear epoxy finish can be added to the top surface of your pin and then baked in the oven again. Normally there is a small added cost for the clear epoxy top coat finishing process but it is worth the added cost as it protects the face colors of your pin indefinitely. Die struck soft enamel style pins are medium priced and also one of our most popular styles.
Minimum Order 100 Pins priced as low as $1.85 + 1 time mold charge.



Photo Etched and Printed Pins - "Recommended for highly detailed pins with small text"

Photo etched and printed style pins allow your design to be etched by a chemical acid solution instead of being die struck or printed. Next, the etched metal plate is gold or silver plated and each recessed area is filled with enamel color and then baked in the oven. A clear epoxy top coat can be added to the top surface of your chemically etched pin to add extra brightness to the colors and protection to the top surface. This process makes a very nice style pin and is economically priced for all your needs.
Minimum Order 500 Pins Priced as low as 0.98 each + 1 time mold charge.



Custom Enamel Coated Acrylic Pins - Our most economically priced pin style

Recommended for "Give Away" type corporate pins 5 If you are looking for 500 pins or more for advertising or event purposes then an acrylic enamel pin is your best choice. Made with an acrylic base material in any size or shape with high gloss enamel paint colors you can’t go wrong with this beautiful pin style. This is our most affordable and economically priced pin. You won’t be disappointed. Acrylic is much less expensive compared to today’s high metal prices and this savings is reflected in your price. This style pin should meet all your needs without breaking your budget. Just E-mail us your art work or rough sketch along with your quantity requirements for a competitive price quotation. Note: This pin can be made with silver or gold plated butterfly clips, tie tack, or folding safety pins on the back.
Minimum Order 500 Pins priced as low as 0.89 each + 1 time mold charge.



 Lapel & Cap Pin Styles and Samples

There are a wide variety of styles, combinations, and techniques that can be used to create your custom pin. We’ve put together a small collection to give you some idea of the endless possibilities when creating a custom pin.  Call today for a quote or more information!




Gold-Plated Athletic Award Pins

Order our in-stock pins to attach to Chenille Award Letters.
All stock sports pins are gold plated and polished with a gold plated butterfly tie-tack clasp on the reverse side.
Minimum orders start at 50 pieces of a single sport.


Custom-Made Crossed Country & State Flag Lapel Pins 12

Any flag combinations available. Minimum orders start at 100 pins.